Applied Ecologics
Your Turn to Sustainabilitysm

"The security we really need awaits us on the path to sustainability."
David S. Eggleton, Founder & Principal

We're not on that path, and we are scattered, hardly a we at all.  Changing direction, converging and devising a 21st century interdependence must finally become a priority of all.  Hopefully, each will begin by choice and at ease.

Individual decisions and moves characterize this period of turning and converging.  You, whether a person, a group or an organization, need not wait for anyone else to push you or pull you - although having a buddy is always a plus!

When much of what you count on every day is increasingly vulnerable and/or costly, it is rational and responsible to consider and make other arrangements, no matter what excuses for delay are manifested and reinforced by those around you.

When considering and making other arrangements for security, sustainability and resiliency, let the multiple systems comprising the super system called the biosphere be key informants, guides and models.  First, they have for so long produced so much that's living, life affirming and life enhancing.  Second, for all that humans have devised, our lives and our future continue to depend on those systems.  We don't know how much disruption they can absorb.  Neither do we know the extent of effects possible once any/all of them are overstressed.  We are near-certain only of the obvious initial consequences.

Working deliberately with information and guidance obtained from the biosphere is the ultimate meaning of applied ecologics.  Our mission is to help you enter that mode and acquire the abilities native to it.

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